Staying focused


In about 30 days we will already be through 1/4 of the year 2014. WHAT!!! How did that happen?

We don’t hear anything about New Year’s resolutions anymore and it seems as though we find ourselves back in the same ruts of life as before. No matter how great our intentions were at the beginning of the year to change things, we still seem to get bogged down in areas of our lives. For some, maybe you did make some changes and you actually made progress. Although now you may be slowing down or stopped moving altogether.

Does that sound familiar? It looks way too familiar for me! I have definitely move forward in areas of my life this year, but I find myself slowing down. I’m getting distracted and pulled off course more and more as the year goes by. Then I realized that I need to add more logs to the flames of my goals. Remember, the biggest of blazes and hottest of flames will eventually go out without something new to keep it burning! Psalms 96:1 “O make a new song to the Lord; let all the earth make melody to the Lord.”. The word also means fresh, make a fresh song to the Lord. We need to change things up sometimes, because whether it’s our song, goal, relationship or whatever, it will get old. It will always happen, that’s why God tells us to do it.

I remember hearing a song once that I thought was the best song ever. Then, once I heard it (this is going to date me) I rewound the cassette tape and played it over and over again. After awhile it lost its appeal and it became kinda boring, I needed a new song.

So if you are slowing down in a goal you made this year or if you need to freshen something up in your life, then you need to recognize what is going on and make some changes.

Here are a few ways that might help you:

1) Stay focused

Remember what the goal was to begin with, why did you want to get there? Who would benefit from it? What has distracted you
from getting there? What benefit were you going to have and what loss will you have if you don’t get there? Be aware of
your distractions!

2) Freshen up

How can you make changes to your steps while at the same time not changing your ultimate goal. Rearrange how or when you do
things. Reword you goals to give it a new sound, it also might give you new clarity. If you read or listened to something
that inspired you, do it again.

3) Eat right

Make sure you are not distracting yourself by mentally consuming things that will cause you to get off track. I would set
myself a goal and listen to podcasts about it, at the same time listening to other podcasts that would distract me. Then, I
would go off on rabbit trails that would get me off course for a week or two. Make sure you are eating right to ensure you
get to your destination.

What was your favorite song that you listened to?


About Michael

A married man for 15 awesome years, to my Beautiful bride, trailed by 2 kids. I hope to help other husbands to also have a great and God honoring marriage.
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