Fighting the Frozen Chicken

Are you fighting the frozen chicken?

One day I decided to make chicken tacos for dinner. Earlier in the day I had bought the chicken, but I inadvertently placed it in the freezer and not the refrigerator. After a few hours I realized what I had done, so I retrieved the now frozen bird and placed it on the counter so it would defrost. Anyone who has ever cook a chicken knows that the chicken company after removing the innards of the bird, place them back inside where they originally came from. Which if you think about it, its kinda funny. After some time, it still had not thawed enough. So I thought, before I cook this thing I need to remove the frozen innards, because I don’t find eating chicken organs very appealing. My innards removing tools of choice were a knife, fork and a flashlight. I felt like I was playing my own version of “Operation”, I now need a steady hand to successfully remove the unwanted organs. I then placed the fowl on the stove and began my journey into the frozen cavity to pick out the giblets, piece by piece. After a few minutes of making a lot of noise, my wife called out to me from the next room and asked what I was doing? The first words to come out were, “I’m fighting the frozen chicken honey”.

After we both stopped laughing I thought, that would be a great way to describe my life up to that point, in that I’m having to work extra hard right now because of the mistakes I made earlier in the day or in my life. I started to understand how the choices I make will literally effect my life, day to day or year to year. Whether those mistakes were spiritual, financial, physical or relational. If I make the wrong decisions now I will feel the effects later. For instance, if I’m not praying and reading my Bible daily now, should I really expect to grow spiritually. On the other hand, If my wife and I have a great relationship now, we are on the right road to have a great relationship in the future.

Understand the choices your making will have consequences, good or bad.
Know where it is you want to go and use Biblical wisdom to get there.

What lessons have you learned the hard way?

Are you fighting the frozen chicken?


About Michael

A married man for 15 awesome years, to my Beautiful bride, trailed by 2 kids. I hope to help other husbands to also have a great and God honoring marriage.
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