Toastmasters speech

This is a speech I gave at a recent Toastmasters meeting. I hope you enjoy it.

How would the world look if everyone used their gifts and talent? How would your world look if you were using your gifts and talents? When we use the gifts we received at birth and the talents we’ve acquired in life. That’s what I call “Painting your Masterpiece”.

Everyone has a Masterpiece to paint, because we have all been given a canvas, our life. And everyone has gifts and talents, those are your paints and brushes. When you go to an art gallery you will see works of art on display, they won’t be hard to find, because the artist intended them to be seen. The art piece was not meant to be put in a closet, it was meant to inspire, encourage or give hope, so should your Masterpiece be on display, to inspire, encourage and give hope.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what their talents are, or they feel they don’t have any gifts. Even worse, they consciencely chose not to use them, because they might be afraid their gifts are not specular. Your gift is spectacular, because its something some else has a hard time doing or doesn’t want to do. I have found that you are either born with the math gene and it comes easy for you, dare I say math is fun for you. Or it is an absolute struggle, its torture. I’ve seen adults cry over not understanding Algebra, I wanted to cry too. How much does someone who struggles with math need that person who finds math to be easy. The person needs to be encouraged that there is hope for them to understand it.

What could happen if you said yes to displaying your Masterpiece?

During WWII in Germany there was an intense fire fight between the Germanys and the Americans. The Americans had to retreat, in the process leaving injured soldiers in the middle of the worst of the fight. Two friends who had grown up together were serving in the unit involved in the fight. One had retreated and the other was left wounded on the front lines. When the retreating soldier found out what happened, he ask his captain if he could go get his friend. The captain said no way, it was way too dangerous. Not taking no for an answer, and knowing his friend would do the same for him, he immediately started crawling the 100 yards, dodging bombs and bullets. When he got there he tried to console his friend, let him know he was there and taking him to safety. All the wounded friend said was, I’ve been waiting for you, I knew you would come.

Who is waiting for you, to say yes, and come to use your gifts and talents.

We are here in toastmasters to become better public speakers, but some of you here are not using this opportunity to display your paints and brushes. You need to tell your story, because someone in here or someone out there needs to hear your story.

Do you know what your gifts are, if you already know great. Are you using them?
If not, here are three simple ways to help you find out.

1. Ask God, he gave you specific gifts for a specific reason. He wants you to use them. Don’t think God holds your gift like a ball of yarn and makes you jump like a cat to try to grab it, then just as your about to get it, He pulls it away. He has plans for you to use what was given to you.

2. Ask your family and friends, they know you pretty good, they know what your good at, what your talents are. Even if you don’t. Just like you know where to go if you need a certain favor.

3. Examine your life, in what ways are you complimented a lot, what things come natural to you that others struggle with. What favors do you get asked to do?

When you use those gifts and talents, your world will be different!

So find your paints and brushes and think of someone or someplace who could benefit from seeing your Masterpiece!

How do or how will you Paint your Masterpiece?


About Michael

A married man for 15 awesome years, to my Beautiful bride, trailed by 2 kids. I hope to help other husbands to also have a great and God honoring marriage.
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