Cultivating your mind

About 5 years ago I was reading a book that caused me to think about my thinking. I realized I hadn’t been intentional about the thoughts I was having. I always tried to keep my mind on Jesus, I just never seemed to have a strategy about it. I seemed to let the (weeds) bad thoughts grow out of control and then later I was having to go in and try to straighten things up. Damage control. 

It was then, that I saw my mind as a field, a mind field. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I pictured my mind like an abandoned lot in some inner city. There were (bad thoughts) dried up weeds, old tires, a worn out couch, there was a pile of trash in the corner. There were also (good thoughts), like flowers, shrubs and grass, but there was no order, everything was randomly placed. It was not a very well managed garden. I never thought about trying to clean it up and then keep it in order. 

Fast forward a few years, now I see it as a well cultivated field. There are straight tilled rows, healthy plants, and an irrigation system. I now pay attention to the condition of my mind and I manage my thoughts. Are there still weeds, YES, of course, but now I intentionally go through my mind daily to pick them out. I also make sure I water the plants and not the weeds. 

Good thoughts you feed, bad thoughts you weed!

Now don’t get me wrong, my mind is far from perfect, but having this perspective helps in cultivating my mind. When I’m paying attention to my thoughts and cultivating my mind it keeps me more focused on the things I should be focused on. 

How is the condition of your (mind) field? Are you tending your garden or is it a weed farm? We all have control of what goes in and stays in, our minds. We all need to be aware of what thoughts are growing in our heads. What thoughts to feed, what thoughts to weed. 

Do you shamar your mind?

Shamar – (Hebrew) 
Definition – keep, guard, observe

The first time this word is used in the Bible it is referring to Adam being in charge of the Garden. In Genesis 2:15, it says, “And the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep (shamar) it.

We need to shamar our minds daily. Keep it, guard it and observe what goes in it. 

What is growing in your head?
How do you manage your thoughts?

Let me know. 


About Michael

A married man for 15 awesome years, to my Beautiful bride, trailed by 2 kids. I hope to help other husbands to also have a great and God honoring marriage.
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